Education, Socializing, Networking, Upward mobility, While Safe


Club Educational Student Society, Inc. is a unique organization in the following aspect:

  1. It is a closed membership organization, open only to currently enrolled students In Middle School, High School, Institutions of Higher Education, and other Post Graduate Educational pursuits. As a closed membership, there will be less chance of the permeation of "Fake News," "Fake Identifications" and other communicated acts of personal detriments to the members.
  2. It is an organization that focus on the safety, upward mobility, educational development, social, and political aspirations of students and the community.
  3. Club Educational Student Society as an organization shall build a chain of members only nightclub facilities nationally, and internationally that will serve a dual purpose:
    1. Nightclub facility(where the membership can have fun, socialize and network in a safe environment, free of illicit drugs, gang violence and other detrimental factors),
    2. The facility shall operate as a tutoring, training, career development, and other student related educational functions.
  4. Club Educational Student Society shall develop a membership scholarship, and charity fund.
  5. Club Educational Student Society shall develop “Club Educational Foundation, Inc.”
  6. Club Educational Student Society shall develop a retail merchant membership group that will provide a 10-20% purchase discount to all club educational student society student members. The updated retail merchant list can be accessed by the membership on the website at all times.
  7. Club Educational Student Society  shall develop a system of membership employment opportunities.
  8. Unlike other social medial organizations Club Educational Student Society will never sell membership data for commercialization.
  9. There is a nominal membership fee for students enrolled in institutions of higher education and above ( the fee shall be distributed as follow: ¼ to membership scholarship fund, ¼ to membership charity fund, ½ to club educational administration/profits) Once the nightclub facility is operational the student fee will be rebated back to member via in-house purchases, therefore the membership in essence shall be free.
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