Education, Socializing, Networking, Upward mobility, While Safe


  • What is Club Educational Student Society?

    Club Educational Student Society is a social media, social networking platform that is open only to currently enrolled students in middle school, high school, institutions of higher education, and other education focused individuals.

  • What are some reasons to join Club Educational Student Society ?

    Club Educational Student Society is a student focused educational social media, social networking, benefit club, with a physical component ( shall develop a chain of membership only nightclubs throughout the United States, and possibly other Countries). Will provide some scholarships to members. Will enable members to get a discount on goods and services at retail member stores. Club Educational Student Society was developed to provide a platform that allow students to become an educational, and political force.

  • What are some of the benefits of being a member of Club Educational Student Society ?
    1. Club Educational Student Society is a closed membership student focused club.
    2. Student members will get a 15-20% discount from retail merchant members.
    3. Student members will have opportunities to receive scholarships.
    4. Student member will have opportunities of employment.
    5. Club Educational Student Society gives the students a unified platform to promote educational, And political change.
    6. Building relationships with students from other campuses throughout the World.
  • What makes Club Educational Student Society different from other social media, social networking platforms?
    1. Club Educational Student Society is a student focused membership educational platform.
    2. Membership developed training, and tutoring programs.
    3. Club Educational Student Society shall develop Members only nightclubs throughout the U.S.A. The nightclubs will provide an environment free of drugs and gang violence.
    4. Club Educational Student Society membership is open only to currently enrolled students.
    5. Club Educational Student Society shall develop a mentorship program with retail `merchants and Other professionals
    6. Club Educational Student Society does not sell membership data to commercial sources.
  • Other benefits shall be developed to meet the needs of the membership.
  • Why is there a membership fee?

    Yes there is an annual membership fee. A portion (1/2) of the membership fee is used to provide membership scholarships where qualified, and charity fund. One half of the membership fee is corporate income. The membership fee is in lieu of selling membership data to commercial enterprises.

  • What methods can the student use to pay the membership? Is there a discount?
    1. The annual student membership fee is $120, discounted 50% for the first year, after the first year 50% of the fee shall be distributed into the scholarship, charity funds and rebated in the in-house purchases by the member when the nightclub is operational.
    2. There is a student membership installment plan.
    3. Some qualifying student may earn the membership fee through employment with Club Educational Student Society.
    4. Any non-member who is currently enrolled in school can earn membership fee through referrals, at five dollars per referral membership activation (12 such referrals pay for one student membership for one year)
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