General Overview

Education, Socializing, Networking, Upward mobility, While Safe


CLUB EDUCATIONAL STUDENT SOCIETY, INC., Is a student focused educational social media platform; educational development, social activity, and benefit club. Unlike other social media organizations, Club Educational Student Society is developed both as a social medial platform, and a physical component (the membership only nightclub facilities that will serve a dual purpose for socialization, networking, training and tutoring).  Our social media platform currently has all the functionalities as facebook. We will develop other platforms comparable to Snapchat, Twitter, and instagram as we grow in the future to meet the needs of the membership.

The membership is open to currently enrolled middle school, high school, college, university, graduate, professional, vocational, technical, other students of institutions of higher education, and others who are interested in the permeation and development of educational information for the betterment of self and society. The various educational levels of the membership will have its own separate social media platform.

Intertwined in the educational development of our membership is the mechanism to share information between educational institutions, students, and other sources, as well as being a bipartisan organization in respect to the educational, and societal issues throughout the world. Club Educational Student Society will be the consolidated hub of future student educational, political, and other society movements.

PURPOSE: the primary long range purposes of the membership club is to become a political force focused on education; dissemination of educational thoughts and materials, among students all over the world, to develop a journalism program and become the disseminated newsfeed of real news from all colleges throughout the world, develop membership discount retail merchant association, develop mentor programs for the membership, develop student retail business and professional internship programs for the membership, develop a membership online system of courses review library, and to develop membership only nightclubs throughout the United States in order to provide a safe social environment for the adult age membership, free from illicit drugs, and gang violence.

The proposed club educational student society nightclub system will serve as a social environment where the student member can go to experience the functioning activities of the usual nightclub scene, socialize, and network with other students from other campuses, receive upward mobility training, relaxation in an environment as much as possible of safety, free of illicit drugs, gang violence, and other detrimental actions that students are exposed to in today‘s society. The nightclub is private, open only to club educational student society members and their guests. The facility will serve a dual purpose in the non-night club hours as an educational tutoring and training facility.

Club Educational Student Society membership environment will allow students to be able to interact with other intelligent, diligent, motivated and dedicated students throughout the world via social mediate, and the internet. The physical component nightclub activities shall be restricted to members of the age of eighteen (18) or above. The nightclub environment will be designed for student relaxation, contact interaction, networking, self-indulgence, and upward motivation toward success. At the same time the membership will have a place to have clean fun just as they would have in a nightclub open to the general public. Additionally, club educational student society nightclub facility will have a juice bar for members under the legal age for drinking alcohol, on site areas for quiet relaxation, computer portals, dancing, regular alcoholic bar, and light food service.

Secondary purposes of club educational student society is to provide a platform for students to be ambassadors for education, as well as a platform for educational communication between members, and socialization via the world wide internet. The membership will have the opportunity to participate in an in-house upward mobility training program, become involved in national and international comradeship of the membership as the member travels and interact with students from other campuses and club educational student society nightclub facilities in different cities. Club Educational Student Society will provide scholarship assistance and charity programs for the membership and community, as well as providing opportunities for student membership employment, along with various training. Club Educational Student Society members shall play a major role in developing programs to meet the needs of the membership.


The nightclub membership will be a private membership; open only to students eighteen years and older enrolled in high school or an institute of higher education, and their guest(s). Graduates of higher levels of education, current professors, teachers and other professionals may be special honored members with all benefits. The institutions of higher education shall include: College, University, Graduate, Professional, College level technical and vocational schools. There will be an accessed annual fee for the Graduate, and Professional members not currently enrolled in an institution of higher education. There will be no membership fee for high school members. There will be an annual fee for currently enrolled students in institutions of higher education, and other members.

Each member must be of legal age to purchase alcoholic beverage. Underage members will not be admitted to the nightclub during the hours of the nightclub functions. Alcoholic beverage purchase can be made only during the hours of nightclub function. For members under the legal age of purchasing alcoholic beverages, a non-alcoholic juice bar will be available. A sworn principal of honor will be followed by the membership for the purpose of alcoholic purchasing, and observation of illicit drug purchase and use while in, and on the facility property.

LOCATION: The nightclub facility shall be located in cities where there is a sufficient number of enrolled students to support a closed membership social nightclub. The city where the nightclub shall be established shall have sufficient High School, College, University, Professional, Graduate, and other post High School Education Facilities.

METHODS: Club Educational Student Society shall be open to any currently enrolled student in middle school, high school, or a curriculum that is post high school. The membership shall be open to graduates of other professional institutions. Each group shall have separate social media platforms that are able to interact with the other group’s platform. Any Club Educational Student Society member eighteen years or older may bring an appropriate aged guest to the nightclub facility on a visitor’s pass for two (2) visits, after which said guest must become a qualified member of club educational student society in order to continue having access to club educational student society facilities and benefits.

In addition to the nightclub function, the facility shall be designed as follow: there shall be a juice bar for underage members. There shall be a quiet area for study to include computer access. There shall be work training programs established, and managed by the student membership. The work program shall be in Hotel/Club Management, and Publication Journalism, in conjunction with a University, college or other institutions of higher education for credit toward a degree or certificate. Other training and work study programs shall be developed to enhance the educational experience.

There shall be an established Scholarship Program open to the membership. An affiliated Charity Program. There shall be established a tutorial program for grade 1-8. The desire is to establish a program in conjunction with the Education Department of the University or College Teaching Program to provide qualified student tutors for credit toward a Degree or Certificate.

The Club facility shall be open 16 hours a day 7 days a week. Nightclub activities shall be aligned with the laws of the municipalities of the club location. The hours of nightclub activities shall be from 4 pm until 2 am daily.

NIGHTCLUB ACTIVITY HOURS MEMBERSHIP FEES: The membership fees for professionals, and retail merchants shall be an annual fee, renewable on the second of January each year. Membership begins the day of fee payment (pro-rated), and continues until the next January 31. The membership fee for enrolled students currently enrolled in institutions of higher education shall be annual beginning with the date of enrollment as a club educational student society club member. Through discounts and rebates, the membership fee for the first year is virtually free. See membership fee information on the website:

NOTE: Since the other social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. don’t charge it’s users a membership fee (they do make money by selling their membership data to commercial firms), the question is why would the student member be inclined to pay a fee to join club educational student society? The answer and rationale is as follow:

  1. None of the other social media platforms offer student focused membership exclusivity.
  2. None of the other social media platforms offer the development of a membership only nightclub facility, development of programs that may earn college credits. Development of tutoring programs for grades 1-8 serving high risk communities, and providing retail merchant discount programs to the membership.
  3. Provide scholarship aid to qualified members. A portion of membership fee is contributed to the membership scholarship and charity fund.
  4. Once the nightclub facility is opened on half of the membership fee will be rebated back to the member through in-house purchases.
  5. Student member employment opportunities.

ENTITLEMENT OF MEMBERSHIP: Club Educational Student Society Membership entitles the student member access, and privileges in all of the established facilities in any city or place where Club Educational Student Society has an established facility. Items purchased within the club facility shall be at a discounted price to the membership. The member shall also be entitled to all other benefits of Club Educational Student Society.

DISCOUNT PROGRAM AND MARKETING: Club Educational Student Society shall establish a discount program with retail merchants for the advantage of the membership in the areas of the club location, nationally, and internationally where club educational student society has retail memberships.

GOALS: The primary goal is to develop viable educational social medial platforms for each membership group. Enroll members into the membership. To develop educational programs for inner city disadvantage students, and returning veterans. To establish a safe nightclub environment; retail discount program, a hotel/restaurant, and publication journalism training programs for college credit, a scholarship program for the membership, a tutorial program for college credit, and the development of a charitable affiliation. Programs shall be established in cities where there is adequate high school, and higher education student support of a minimum of 100,000 currently enrolled students within a 50-100 mile radius.

NOTE: The social media platforms shall be available to all members, and institutions of higher education. Each institution of higher education shall be categorized. Student members shall be listed individually and under their institution of enrollment or graduation

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